Earth ארצ

A proposal to Venice Biennale 2015

earth ארץ is a data-gathering and documentation mechanism, a three-stage art action composed of 10,000 units of data painted by artists from 10 countries.

First, a grid of 1,000 square units were marked out on an aerial map of Israel, each unit marking out a concrete ground cell from which one landscape photograph was taken. The 1,000 photographs were complied into a data file.



The files will be sent to 10 different countries. Painters from each country will express their painterly opinion of the data unit sent to them as a JPEG files.
A pilot of this earth project was carried out successfully in China with the assistance of the Israeli Consulate in China, and exhibited in a gallery at the Shanghai Biennale, and at the Haifa Museum of Art, Israel.

Click here for the review of the project in Shanghai:


The installation is composed of three major elements:
The aerial photograph, the map unit from which the data unit has been derived, will be hung from wall to wall, throughout the entire length of the oors. The grid from which the photographs have been taken will be marked on the surface.
Paintings from all of the participating countries are hung on all of the walls of the exhibition space. Some of the paintings will move in relation to another, as depicted in the video clip. Piles of canvases are spread through the exhibition space. Each pile represents one country.
The experience of the landscape will take place in three complementary dimensions: physical landscape, statistical landscape and interpretive landscape.
The gallery-goer experiences the physical landscape while walking between the topography of the piles of canvases and the horizon of the oil paintings surrounding the walls. Walking on a system of axes, surrounded by statistical columns containing international aesthetics research data, viewers move between the interpretive space of artists from all over the world.