The Bride #2

Daniel Shoshan | Amit Matalon | Sharon Yavo Ayalon | Lola Ben Alon | Keren Mor | Menashe Noy
The Natanzon Nightclub, Downtown Haifa, Israel
December 2011

the bride #2 took place in a closed space creating a echanism in which a wide range of bridal activities, their photographic images and projections broke down the space, leading to the loss of its architectonic structure. The viewers were located in the middle of the events, observing the twelve bridal stations at the same time, without being able to implement them.

The performance created a vortex of movement of brides (real and virtual), viewers, sounds and actions; all of these broke down the space and caused the loss of its architectonic structure.

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Architecture & Experimental Art Lab

Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning, Technion, Haifa