Tel Aviv Museum of Art

The installation comprised 8,000 numbered cubes, all measuring 10x10x10cm, producing a work with a total volume of 8[m3]. Each cube had a word printed on it from the medieval poetry of Sha’al Iben Qadam.

The installation referred to the measurement: 8 cubic meters, which was in the museum official call for artists to challenge and contemplate the meanings accompanying the evaluation of works of art according to volume. The 8[m3] measurement was divided into thousands of tiny cubes written with text,poetic text.

Both volume and text were broken down, shuffled and re-arranged in a new order to meet the Tel Aviv Museum’s requirement for a work of art which can fit in an 8 cubic meter space. Viewerswere invited to purchase one cube out of the 8,000 original works of artThe work invites viewers to address the iconic status of the work of art exhibited in the museum space and to contemplate the museum’s capacity to load a volume of 8cubic meters with artistic value for 24 hours.

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Architecture & Experimental Art Lab

Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning, Technion, Haifa