Sharon Ayalon

An Artist
Architect and Phd Candidate
Founder of AXA.LAB experimental art and architecture lab

Sharon Yavo Ayalon, is an adjacent teacher and PhD candidate at The Faculty of Architecture, Technion, IIT. Her research enfolds the linkage between art and urbanism and the manner in which local identity, spatial (in)justice and social (ex-in)clusion are forged or  deconstructed by artistic activity in cities. More specifically she focusses on artistic interventions in contested cities and the ways in which they effect and are effected by urban segregation patterns and boundaries. Sharon is a practicing architect and artist, she is head curator of Munio Gital Weinraub Architecture Museum, graduated summa cum laude B.A and M.Sc.  in architecture and town planning from the Technion IIT.!

Selected Articles


Architecture & Experimental Art Lab

Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning, Technion, Haifa