Ashdod Project

Public project, Exhibition,

Ashdod Museum of Art, Ashdod, 2018 

ControlX ControlV

Venice Biennale Proposal, 2016

Live Trace

Exhibition, Duolun MoMa Shanghai, 2015

Earth #2

Installation, Haifa Museum of Art, 2013

Collection | Opening

Installation, Sara1 Gallery, Haifa, 2013

8.o Cube


Tel Aviv Museum of Art, 2012

Beit Ariela Library, TLV, 2012

The Bride #1

Performance, Haifa, 2011



White City Center, TLV, 2017

TLV Sound Scape Pavilion

Pavilion Proposal, Habima Square, TLV, 2015

Earth ארצ

Venice Biennale proposal, 2015

Beit She'an Campus

Urban Healing Project Proposal,

Beit She'an 2013

The Bride #3

Performance, Reading 3  Hangar,

Tel Aviv Port, 2012

IKEA - Urban Effect

Proposal for IKEA Israel, 2012 

Public Library

Urban Intervention

Major cities, Israel

Ongoing since 2010


Public Project

Exhibition, Artists’ House, TLV, 2016

Fence Lib

Urban intervention Proposal,

School fence, 2015

Earth #3 


Dizingof Center Tel Aviv, 2014

Earth #1

Exhibition, Nanjing Rd. Gallery Shanghai, 2013


Public project - Sound Installation, 

Israel Museum Jerusalem 2012
Haifa Art Museum 2013

The Bride #2

Natanzon Club, Haifa, 2011

Earth. Water. Tree

Exhibition, PeKa Gallery, Technion,

Haifa 2010